The Bar Queue

Time and time again I find myself holding my camera, snapping photos at a speed rate similar to the words coming out of a used car salesman’s mouth when he’s trying to close a sale. Not to mention the objects which I capture onto my memory card are often not understood by my friends. For instance, I can totally understand why my friends look at me weird when walking on the street and I suddenly stop and take photos of a simple trashcan…for a seemingly long time.

Last weekend I happened to be visiting my friends in a rather typical Finnish city, Tampere, where most of my childhood friends have flocked in numbers. This being a “leisure” trip, the plan was to relax and possibly also take pictures of the city, seeing that the weather was damn nice (especially for Finland!). Alas, as the weekend proceeded to go on, the memory card of my camera remained hungry for photos, waiting to be fed…

It wasn’t until the final moments of my weekend getaway, when my photo deprived card was able to have something worthy of saving onto it. As we were waiting in line to get into a local establishment filled with fun loving people and (supposedly) good music, I glanced at an old (apparently functional) factory, which had the perfect lighting to it and as if to add the cherry on top of the cake, the moon was shining bright! I decided to let the “fun” wait for just a short while more and started taking pictures. My focus at the time wasn’t up to normal levels, however I shot multiple pictures of the area, hoping that some of them would actually turn out to look good, even when looked upon the next morning.

Almost a week after my trip to Tampere, Finland’s Manchester, I was finally able to look at my pictures and see to my delight that some of the pictures were actually surprisingly nice! Well, that is, at least in my opinion.

Opinions tend to differ and I’d gladly hear your opinion on the pictures. What could have been done differently while shooting or editing? ( Though this time around when playing in photoshop, I had to surrender to the fact that I couldn’t improve the originals, thus leaving them rather untouched).

IamJPR             IamJPR               IamJPR

These pics might be the last concerning Finland to be uploaded for a while (or not), since on Sunday I’ll be returning to the city that does sleep, but not for long and where curry wursts are more common in the hands of street dwellers than cell-phones (well at least during lunch time), yes my dear friends I am talking about Berlin. Luckily I still have a lot of free-time on my hands before my classes continue, so I am able to devote a little bit more time to this hobby of mine and maybe capture some parts of Berlin I haven’t yet ventured into.




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