The Best of Both Worlds


Having originally created this blog to help promote myself, so as to have a better chance of “sticking out of the crowd” whilst applying for marketing/advertising internships (yeah, I know a blog or such isn’t really original, but its the content that matters right? ), I felt it was due time to finally create an advert of myself.

The rather (hopefully) obvious purpose of the picture is to showcase the two sides of me: the hard worker and the fun loving jester, at the same time questioning the necessity to compromise in hiring a worker who is only one or the other. Now, I know the settings for the picture aren’t probably the best ones, but I hope you can overlook that, since I do not have a studio at hand at the moment where to take professional photos, neither do I have a personal assistant (other than my trusty companion Mr. Self-timer) who would devote his/her time to take photos of me. Furthermore, I know the photo is very “homey” as in amateur stuff, but if it made you even smile a bit then I’m already happy with it!

Editing and playing around with this photo gave me a nice break from my daily routine of writing applications to companies in the hope of finding an internship abroad(not in Finland) in the area of Marketing/Advertising/PR, where I could start working in late July after my last semester here in Berlin.  

Do tell your opinion on the “advert”; what could have been done differently, where to improve on when creating my next adverts? Good tips on internship possibilities are also obviously more than welcome!


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