Summer in Finland

Even though I thoroughly enjoy living in Berlin, with all its big city related atmosphere, I have to still say that I have been really happy to be “home” for a couple of weeks.

Here in Finland, where we are used to cold temperatures, the Summer is always an anticipated time of the year when people head to their Summer houses to chill and relax for a while. Sitting in the Sauna and enjoying the peaceful landscapes gives one’s head a much needed rest.

Obviously scenery is always much more impressive, when seen by one’s own eyes, however despite this fact, I attempted to capture the Finnish Summer in pictures, hopefully being able to give you a slight impression of what our Summer here up north is normally like.

I will add in a couple of posts to come some of the photos I have taken here in Finland during my stay, starting today with scenes from our family’s summer house. These photos hopefully not only provide you with a glimpse of what I have been experiencing here, but also for myself they will work as a reminder of what home is like in the summer time.






















5 Replies to “Summer in Finland”

  1. Terve JPR! I’m Stuart Allt, an Australian who has been living in Finland for many years. I make the website Expat Finland , which also has social media pages. Looking for nice summer photos for this season, I found your page. I have used two of the above photos at Facebook and Google+ , with photo credits and a link to your Summer in Finland post. I wanted to let you know in case it’s not OK? Happy Berlin summer! Cheers, Stuart

    1. Hi Stuart, thanks for letting me know :)
      It’s perfectly ok if you use them with the credits visible there and even link back to this page (which I’ve been a bit lazy to update).

      Enjoy the awesome Finnish summer, I’ll try to do the same here!


      1. Thanks Joel – appreciated! A few people are ‘Liking’ the new cover photos, so this page might get some extra visits 80) After a cold start this summer, temperatures here are around 16 this week. S’nice!

  2. Hei, halusin ilmoittaa sinulle, että ottamaasi kuvaa käytetään Facebookissa huijaus/spämmäyssivustolla kansikuvana. Ryhmän nimi on Kesä ja mökki. Kyseessä kuva, jossa auringonlasku ja veneen kylki ja airo. Mikäli haluat kuvasi sieltä pois, suosittelen ottamaan ryhmän ylläpitoon yhteyttä.

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