New Stuff

Spring is on its way (or rather Summer to be fair), so it has been time to do some spring cleaning on this page!

I took away a few sections, which I simply did not have enough time to focus on. The Page itself is now a bit clearer, having only a couple main sections: IAMMOTION, IAMMOMENTS, IAMJOEL and as a new addition MOCK ADVERTS.

Mock adverts is a new section where I will aim to publish in the future some “mock ads” so as to train myself to be a more skilled marketer. At the moment there is already one mock ad on the page, for IFK Helsinki, which I created in support for my favourite team.

I will continue to post pictures and text here regularly, but for the next month this page might be a bit more silent, due to my ongoing thesis writing process.

So as to not have a mere text post, here is a HDR photo, that I took one day when visiting the Island Fortress, Suomenlinna. Enjoy.



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