Keep Moving


There’s an old saying that “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. Arguably, there could be a Nordic equivalent to this, by saying that a flowing stream does not freeze and perhaps there indeed is one, but I have not just ran into it yet.

This photo I took earlier today, reminded me of the aforementioned sayings and how they apply to both nature, business or any private life issue, for that matter. One should always try to strive forward and of course this is easier said than done, but if one reminds himself of this at least weekly, if not daily, it can slowly become embedded into our self-image. Seeing oneself as one who always goes forward, develops and adapts to new challenges will help to not perhaps gets so easily stuck in routines and habits. Routines and habits which could arguably not always be for the better, when thinking in a business sense. At every turn (easier said than done yet again) one should ask oneself “how can I push myself further? How can we make something that’s “good” into something that’s “great”? By trying to do this, one can avoid becoming the moss covered rock or, if looking at the picture, the water that has frozen still.


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