Canada Part 3 – Montréal

I know, after 1 usually comes 2. BUT this time around I want to break the chronological order here on my page.  Not that I would be the first one to do so in the history of the Universe. Heck, one could argue that George Lucas didn’t know how to count either.  Nevertheless, this video is again a glimpse into my trip to Canada. Montréal to be exact. I enjoyed the city and from the start it had a very European feel to it (and not only temperature-wise), being bilingual and all. So without further ado here are my first steps in the City of the Saints.

Canada: Part 1

I’ve always had a strange interest towards Canada, as if I knew that I’d really like it, even when I hadn’t yet been there nor met a single Canadian. This Autumn I happened to get the chance to take some time off, so I decided to finally tick this country off my bucket list. And I am happy that I did. The three weeks spent on both coasts were beyond great. I did my best to document some of my trip, with my freshly bought GoPro. I manage to gather a good amount of footage, but as all of you who’ve ever dabbled with editing know, it takes a nice chunk of time to actually get the editing done (well at least for me heh).  Nevertheless, now I finally managed to finish the 1st part of (hopefully) a more extensive video series, which I also thought I’d share here. So here you go. The short intro to my trip to the land of the maple syrup and Hockey.