Canada: Part 1

I’ve always had a strange interest towards Canada, as if I knew that I’d really like it, even when I hadn’t yet been there nor met a single Canadian. This Autumn I happened to get the chance to take some time off, so I decided to finally tick this country off my bucket list. And I am happy that I did. The three weeks spent on both coasts were beyond great. I did my best to document some of my trip, with my freshly bought GoPro. I manage to gather a good amount of footage, but as all of you who’ve ever dabbled with editing know, it takes a nice chunk of time to actually get the editing done (well at least for me heh). ¬†Nevertheless, now I finally managed to finish the 1st part of (hopefully) a more extensive video series, which I also thought I’d share here. So here you go. The short intro to my trip to the land of the maple syrup and Hockey.

The Day Germany Rejoiced

Fanhansa doing a lap of honour above the fans


Some had waited for over 7 hours at the fanmile for the team
After hours of waiting…Die Mannschaft was at the Brandenburger Tor


For the first time a reunified Germany is the world’s number one in Football