Keep Moving


There’s an old saying that “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. Arguably, there could be a Nordic equivalent to this, by saying that a flowing stream does not freeze and perhaps there indeed is one, but I have not just ran into it yet.

This photo I took earlier today, reminded me of the aforementioned sayings and how they apply to both nature, business or any private life issue, for that matter. One should always try to strive forward and of course this is easier said than done, but if one reminds himself of this at least weekly, if not daily, it can slowly become embedded into our self-image. Seeing oneself as one who always goes forward, develops and adapts to new challenges will help to not perhaps gets so easily stuck in routines and habits. Routines and habits which could arguably not always be for the better, when thinking in a business sense. At every turn (easier said than done yet again) one should ask oneself “how can I push myself further? How can we make something that’s “good” into something that’s “great”? By trying to do this, one can avoid becoming the moss covered rock or, if looking at the picture, the water that has frozen still.


“Red brick” Wednesday

Good day people! As promised the cold pics keep on coming like the hits from your local radio station (with a bit more originality in the selection though ;) ). Among these photos is one of my favourite pictures of this year, so far. I don’t exactly know why I like these “red brick buildings”, but I at least think they look nice when contrasted to the white snow :)

More photos again tomorrow, don’t forget to check ’em out!



Morning, or good day, or some other greeting, fitting to your timezone whenever you might see this post. Here are today’s chill-pics!


As mentioned in the previous post a while ago, Spring often brings along with it not only the warmth of the soon to arrive summer, but for many people the sudden enthusiasm towards household chores. A phenomenon first mentioned in 1857 (Merriam-Webster), spring-cleaning is the task of doing a thorough cleaning of a place. I already did some cleaning here on my page, but now it was time to go to work on my picture folders and take out the trash (so to speak)!

This spring I have been heavily occupied with my Bachelor’s thesis ( which is nearly finished, thank you for asking), but I still managed to go out and take a lot of pictures, which I sadly didn’t really have time to work on in photoshop…that is until now. Seeing that even in the coldest corners of the world (ok, Finland is still relatively warm) the sun has done its magic and scorched the earth so efficiently that snow is nearly a thing of the past, I felt it was also appropriate to get the “snow” out of my picture collections. I devoted an hour today to go through my folders like a raccoon going through trashcans, finding eventually some bits and pieces worthy of my time.

This week I’ll be serving up a couple of cold pictures from late February  each day till Friday  so as to not overload people with sudden feelings of “chillyness”.  To start the week off here are the first few cold pictures to remind us, when we complain about the “not so warm” weather that it could always be worse.

New Stuff

Spring is on its way (or rather Summer to be fair), so it has been time to do some spring cleaning on this page!

I took away a few sections, which I simply did not have enough time to focus on. The Page itself is now a bit clearer, having only a couple main sections: IAMMOTION, IAMMOMENTS, IAMJOEL and as a new addition MOCK ADVERTS.

Mock adverts is a new section where I will aim to publish in the future some “mock ads” so as to train myself to be a more skilled marketer. At the moment there is already one mock ad on the page, for IFK Helsinki, which I created in support for my favourite team.

I will continue to post pictures and text here regularly, but for the next month this page might be a bit more silent, due to my ongoing thesis writing process.

So as to not have a mere text post, here is a HDR photo, that I took one day when visiting the Island Fortress, Suomenlinna. Enjoy.